Francine Wingard

I was always around kids since I was just a little girl, babysitting my siblings. When I turned 15 my parents allowed me to become a part-time nanny. Now I'm a full-time mom of 2 beautiful angels. If you're as concerned about your baby's safety as I am, consider Modern Baby Advice to be your new home.

Pressure-Mounted vs Hardware-Mounted Baby Gates

pressure-mounted vs hardware-mounted baby gates

Having a new baby at home is an exciting time; however, safety should always come first. When babies learn how to crawl, cruise, and walk, they are going to become curious and want to explore. One of the most important safety elements when it comes to baby-proofing a home is the safety gate. A safety

Baby Gates Safety: the Do’s and Don’ts


Like any product meant to promote safety, baby gates also need to be used safely. Even a life vest can be dangerous if it isn’t used the right way! Because children will experiment and play with baby gates, you need to make sure that they are properly installed, used the correct way, and even taken

When is It Safe to Take Down Baby Gates?

when take down baby gates

Your baby gates have served you and your child well, but are they starting to outgrow it? There comes a certain time when you start wondering whether your baby gates need to go. This isn’t just about developing your child’s autonomy, it’s about when a baby gate can actually start to become dangerous. First: When