Best Baby Gates With Cat Door (Keeps the Dog Away) [2021]

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For parents with both kids and pets or multiple pets, it can be a hurdle to find ways to keep everyone safe. For example, you might have a larger dog and a cat. The cat can have run of the house but the dog might not be completely house broken.

Whatever your reason, a gate that allows for one pet or child to be kept in a set area while giving a smaller animal run of the house can be a great option. This way, your pets and baby can spend time together without locking them all in a smaller space.

In this article, we’ll discuss some ways to use a baby gate and the best choices for gates on the market today. 


Cumbor 40.6″ Auto Close Safety Baby Gate with Arch Cat Door

Puuurfect gate for cat passage, big human passage, and dog blockage.
✅ Extra Durable to withstand up to 210 pounds of pressure.
✅ Arched pet door protects baby from injury if they try to crawl through.
❌ Small crawlers may be able to get through the pet door.
❌ Smaller dogs can also get through the pet door so make sure to measure carefully.

Carlson Extra Tall Walk Through Pet Gate

Perfect for cats too lazy to jump over regular baby gates.
✅ Tall enough to keep the largest pets corralled in their area.
✅ Comes with extenders to make this an easy gate to fit in most doorways and openings.
❌ Dogs may be able to squeeze through the pet door, so it’s important to measure.
❌ Some cats have difficulty opening the pet door.

Carlson Pet Products Design Baby Gate

Looks great, it’s easy to install and simple to open with one hand.
✅ Attractive looking with cherry wood accents.
✅ Easy to install with pressure mounts.
❌ Pet door may be too large to keep in smaller dogs.
❌ Some pets and children can figure out how to open the latch.

Choosing Effective Gates for Your Home

If you’re trying to decide on the best baby gate, there are a few considerations you should keep in mind when you start your research

  • Placement. Different doorways and areas will require specific measurements. There also may be some types of brackets or ways to install the gate which won’t work for the architecture of the space.
  • Purpose. The biggest consideration is what you’re trying to accomplish with the gate. Convenience. You want to make sure that the latch and opening are convenient for adults to use.
  • Appeal. This is especially true for a gate that you’ll be installing permanently. Pet and baby gates are purchased to be functional, but they can also be well-made and look nice.
  • Pricing. As with most purchases, pricing is something you’ll want to look at. There are many affordable gates on the market. The price for higher quality, more permanent gates is often a bit higher. The amount you spend will often depend on the style and durability you want.

As with most decisions, the gate you choose will depend a lot on your own preferences.

Top Five Picks for the Best Baby Gate with Pet Door

If you’ve paged into this article just to find recommendations, we have those for you below. These are our top five picks but you may find something else that fits your dimensions and home needs better. Hopefully, this list will give you some good ideas and may even list your perfect option.

Cumbor 40.6″ Auto Close Safety Baby Gate with Arch Cat Door

This steal gate is perfect for the rambunctious household. The gate is made to withstand an impact of up to 210 pounds, which means that you won’t need to worry about the gate falling over if you have a larger dog who might jump into it. It has a double release latch that’s easy for adults to learn and maneuver to open but very difficult for children and small toddlers to manage, so they won’t be able to open it and get into areas when you’re not looking. It has a small arched pet door, large enough for your cat or a very small pup to easily get through, but shaped to help prevent baby from following their lead. The gate is white and made out of durable metal and stands at 30.5″ in height. It can be mounted on most doorways and is appealing in design while offering ease of use for the members of your family.


  • Extra durable to withstand up to 210 pounds of pressure.
  • Arched pet door protects baby from injury if they try to crawl through.


  • Small babies may be able to get through the pet door.
  • Small dogs can also get through the pet door so measure carefully.

Carlson Extra Tall Walk Through Pet Gate with Small Pet Doo

This extra tall gate is 36″ in height, to prevent larger dogs from jumping over. The gate is black in finish and fits in with most decor. It’s pressure mounted for an easy set up — no tools required to install this gate in and you can rest assured it will withstand quite a bit of pressure and stay in place. There is also no damage to most walls from use and the gate can easily be taken down and stored or moved. It makes an ideal choice if you only want to use the gate in certain scenarios or for a limited time frame. The pet door is 8 by 8 inches square, allowing most cats and small dogs to pass through easily while keeping baby and larger animals inside. This gate also comes with a 4 inch extension pack so that it fits most doorways and stairway entrances.


  • Tall enough to keep large dogs coralled in their area.
  • Comes with extenders to make this an easy gate to fit in most doorways and openings.


  • Small dogs may be able to squeeze through the pet door so measure carefully.
  • Some cats have difficulty opening the pet door.

Carlson Pet Products Design Studio Home Decor Walk Through Pet Gate

If you’re looking for a gate that will also add to your decor, this might be the one for you. The Carlson Design Studio gate is fashionable and stylish, with cherry wood accents and a black finish. It stands 30″ in height and 30-32″ in width. There’s a one touch safety lock, making this option easy and convenient for owners and most guests to open. It has pressure mounting, which means that you won’t need tools to install the gate but it won’t damage your walls or doorways.  This gate is ideal for small doorways and hallways but there are extension you can purchase to make it fit larger openings. The pet door opening on this gate measures 10×7, giving ample room for cats and small dogs to pass through as needed.


  • Attractive looking with cherry wood accents.
  • Easy to install with pressure mounts.


  • Pet door may be too large to keep in smaller dogs.
  • Some pets and children can figure out how to open the latch.

North States My Pet 38″ Wide Petgate Passage

The North States PetGate is a great choice for homes with larger dogs and larger doorways. The gate is extra tall and extra wide, making it easy to install in most doorways and openings. Constructed of metal that can withstand lots of rambunctious action, such as toddlers climbing and pets jumping up on the gate. It’s bronze finished making it an elegant and nice looking addition to your home that won’t clash with most decor. The pet door can be locked, if you’d prefer to keep your smaller animal contained. Or you can unlock that door to give them roam of the house. This is a great and sturdy model that fits most doorways and openings and can easily be removed if you only want to use it for special circumstances.


  • Swings both ways for easy pass through.
  • Adjustable to fit most doorways.


  • For wider doorways, extension may need to be purchased to fit.
  • There’s no way to keep the small pet door open.

40.5″ Auto Close Safety Gate KingSo Baby Gate Extra Wide

This extra wide gate can fit openings as wide as 40.5″, which makes it ideal for homes with large doorways and stairway openings. It has an auto close gate so there’s no need to worry over whether you left the gate open. It will automatically lock itself. It’s also easy for adults to maneuver, making it a convenient option for most households. The double click lock is easy for adults but toddlers will have a difficult time opening it, so children will not master the gate too quickly for it to be an effective solution. This option is easy to install and durable for every day use with large animals and families.

It is moderately priced considering you won’t need to purchase extra extensions to meet most width requirements.


  • Double lock is difficult for most children to open.
  • Auto close feature is convenient so adults don’t forget to properly secure the gate behind them.


  • The gate may appear bent before installation, though that is part of the design.
  • This gate is more difficult to install, making it a better permanent solution but less convenient to move to new locations or take down and reinstall.

Which Gate Is the Best for You?

Any of the gates on our list can be used to keep your home safe for pets and babies. They are all high quality and fairly easy to install with a variety of finishes and sizes. 

If you’re looking for a sturdy gate that can withstand bumps by large dogs or toddlers that like to climb, the Cumbor 40.6″ Auto Close Safety Baby Gate with Arch Cat Door is an excellent choice for those reasons. If your needs are to corral less rambunctious pets but you want something that looks great in your home, the Carlson Pet Products Design Studio Home Decor Walk Through Pet Gate might be your top pick for its aesthetic appeal. Your decision will depend on which of these fits your lifestyle and home the best.

A baby gate with a small pet door can be a great addition to your safety proofing efforts around your home. As with all precautions, nothing can fully protect your child or pets as well as conscientious supervision. The gates offer an excellent way to help you keep your children and pets in safer environments where you can monitor them closely. 

This can be especially important as children get to the age where they inquisitively get into everything. No parent can possibly keep their attention solely on their child or pet 24 hours a day, especially in a household with multiple children and pets. These gates were designed to aid in safety, and they can help a great deal.

Ways to Use Your Baby Gate

People choose baby gates for a number of reasons. Baby proofing a home is probably one of the most important of those. It can be very difficult to make sure every room in the home is completely baby safe. Of course, the best way to watch your baby or toddler is to have them with you. But that’s not always possible. You need to complete household chores or may need to work from home and divert your attention from them occasionally. Using baby gates helps to keep them in a set area where there are no hazards.

Even the most watchful parent can’t have their eyes on their children every second of the day. Gates are a great precaution so that they don’t wander toward stairs or other hazards. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye and many can be prevented simply by limiting the hazards they have access to.

Newer gates have been designed with flaps and smaller pet doors. This can be an excellent option for families with small pets who need run of the house. For example, if you have a cat, you might want to keep the litter box and food outside the room you have other animals or children in. Your cat would still need to be able to access that space. So the small pet door allows your cat to come and go out of the hazard free zone to spend time with the rest of the family.

You might also want a gate specifically for your pets. This may to keep one larger animal in a room for a specific reason, but the smaller animals might need run of the house. The traditional gates would keep all the pets in your home caged into a set area or separated from each other, which might not be ideal.

There will be set dimensions you’ll need to consider fitting the space and your pets’ needs. Aesthetically, you may have some choices as far as colors and materials. On our list, we’ve included a few different colors and one choice that was very specifically designed with decor in mind.

Every home is different and so are your individual needs. You should consider the area of the home where you’d like to have a gate installed before researching. Often the areas where you need to put a gate are also areas you would normally use to move about the house. You don’t need to sacrifice the decor of your home just to have gates that separate areas for safety. Or maybe he’s more likely to chew or destroy things. Heck, maybe he’s just not broken from the habit of begging when the family sits down to dinner and you’d like to keep him out of the room.

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