Best Extra Tall Baby Gates Review [2021]

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Are you looking for an extra tall baby gate? You’re in luck. There are many of them on the market. But they’re not all made equal. Most of them are affordable and attractive, but what you really need to keep in mind is safety and durability. What follows is a comprehensive list of the most popular baby gates on the market, and the best options for you.

extra tall baby gates

Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Tall Security Gate

This attractive and unobtrusive gate has all the features you need.
✅ Easy installation, automatic close, and one-handed open.
❌ Pressure-mounted only.
extra tall baby gates

Safety 1st Decor Easy Install Tall & Wide

The perfect option for those who want a little class in their decor.
✅ A unique design, available in multiple colours, and well-built.
❌ A little more expensive.

Regalo Easy Step Extra Tall Baby Gate

Cost-effective and mostly well-built, the Regalo is a steal.
✅ Cost-effective, with a double-action lever, and simple installation.
❌ A little flimsy, especially if extended.

Why Do You Need an Extra Tall Gate?

An extra tall gate is often used by parents who are also pet owners, to keep dogs and cats out of areas that their child is playing in until their child can be trusted around the pet, and vice versa. But there are other reasons, too. 

An extra tall gate doesn’t make you stoop down to open it and close it, so it can be more comfortable for adults to use, especially if they are on the taller side or carrying a child.

An extra tall gate can also be useful as a child grows older, because it is much harder for them to climb.

Whether you need an extra tall gate depends on your own situation. Otherwise, they’re very similar to other gates, but with a caveat: because they are heavier, you need to be careful when mounting them.

Choosing the Right Extra Tall Gate

When choosing baby gates, you usually consider three things: size, appearance, and safety. Safety, of course, being the most important.

  • Size. This is important because there’s no standard size for baby gates or entryways. Measure carefully before you buy a baby gate, because getting the right size is going to impact how safe the baby gate is.
  • Appearance. Baby gates come in all colors and styles, depending on what you want for your room. If you have one in a high traffic area like the living room, you may want it to match the decor. After all, you could be living with this baby gate for the next two years.
  • Safety. Safety is a combination of things. Sturdiness and reliability are important. Is the gate made well? Can it be hardware mounted? If it’s pressure mounted, can it be adjusted easily? 

Most baby gates are going to be Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) certified which means that they should be safe for regular use. But you still need to follow all of the manufacturer’s directions.

Do You Need Pressure-Mounted or Hardware-Mounted?

Both pressure-mounted and hardware-mounted options do have their pros and cons. A pressure-mounted gate is going to be easy to install and can be pretty durable, but shouldn’t be used in front of staircases because they can give way. Hardware-mounted gates are more durable and sturdy, but they’re going to require some tools, potentially a drill.

A pressure-mounted gate can be as safe as a hardware-mounted one, but you need to be aware that it’s going to lose tension over time. So, you need to check on and maintain your pressure-mounted gate.

1. Dreambaby Chelsea Extra Tall Auto Close Security Gate in White

extra tall baby gates

This clean, attractive white gate fits openings as narrow as 28 inches or as wide as 53 inches. A pressure-mounted gate with an extra-tall height of 39.4 inches, it’s likely to be the only gate that you need to keep pets and children out. The benefit to this extra tall gate is that because it has so many sizes available, you can choose the one that will be most secure inside of an entryway or a hallway.

You can install the Dreambaby gate within a few minutes, by spinning the pressure mounts until they fit snugly against your wall. The gate can also be extended if needed, but again, because there are so many sizes available, you probably won’t need any extensions. This gate can be used for both babies and pets, and even though it is a pressure-mounted gate, it’s approved for use on stairs.

There are two locks on the Dreambaby Chelsea for additional security, so even if your child (or pet) disrupts one lock, it’ll still stay closed. The smart open feature can also keep the gate open safely when you need to, so there’s no more fumbling with a baby in hand. As long as the gate isn’t locked at the bottom, it can be operated one-handed, for even easier manipulation.

Now, there are some downsides to it as well. It’s a simple gate, so if you’re looking for something really attractive, it might be a little too simple. It also doesn’t lock.


  • Both affordable and attractive. 
  • One-handed operation, for ease of use.
  • Comes in multiple sizes, for different entryways.
  • Can stay locked in an open position if needed.


  • Pressure-mounted rather than hardware mounted, if that matters to you.
  • Cannot be easily locked closed, which could allow for straying children.

2. Safety 1st Easy Install Extra Tall and Wide

For those extra large spaces, there’s the Safety 1st. The Safety 1st gate is a simple, JPMA-certified gate that puts, well, safety first. It has a simple design, is a little more expensive than our top option (the Dreambaby Chelsea), and is otherwise perfectly serviceable. As a pressure-mounted gate, it can be installed with ease. It also has a SecureTech pressure adjuster, which is something that I love: It tells you when the gate needs to be maintained.

Pressure-mounted gates are great because you don’t need to put any holes in the wall. You don’t need tools, you can just install them right away. But the danger with pressure-mounted gates is that they can loosen over time. The Safety 1st counteracts this by telling you exactly when the gate has loosened, so that you’ll be able to ensure your baby’s safety.

This baby gate is 36 inches high and suitable for dealing with both infants and pets. Unlike some other gates, there isn’t a lever to pull, just a button, which can make it a lot easier to open one-handed and if there’s a baby being held. This is a well-made gate, with the only downside perhaps being that it doesn’t come in the wealth of sizes that the Dreambaby Chelsea does.


  • A sturdy, affordable gate with push-button operation. 
  • Comes with the SecureTech pressure adjuster, which lets you know if the gate has lost pressure.


  • Doesn’t come in a lot of styles, many not suit every home.
  • Sizes are limited, too, so large or narrow openings may not work.

3. Safety 1st Decor Easy Install Tall & Wide

extra tall baby gates

What if you want a baby gate that can match your home? The Safety 1st Decor has all the positive attributes of the Easy Install Tall & Wide, but with different decorations. This gate comes in a sedate brown, almost black, with a more elegant and delicate look. If you want an attractive gate that adjusts from 29 to 47 inches wide, you want the Safety 1st Decor.

This is another pressure-mounted gate, which means you’re not going to need to have any tools available for the installation. Just set it and go. The special button at the top means that parents can open it easily, but that children cannot. And like the other model, it comes with a SecureTech pressure adjuster, to let you know that the gate has lost pressure.


  • An attractive gate designed for certain styles of decor.
  • Comes with push-button operation and SecureTech pressure adjuster.


  • Only fits in with some decor, otherwise identical to the other Safety 1st model.
  • May not fit into narrow or large openings, measure carefully.

4. Regalo Easy Step Extra Tall

If you want the most affordable option, the Regalo is it. Another pressure-mounted, extra tall gate, the Regalo Easy Step has a double-action push button and lever to make sure that only you can step through the gate. It will lock in place to prevent children from going through, and can expand to multiple sizes from its default.

The Regalo stands 41 inches tall, which makes it one of the tallest available gates. It can be adjusted by 4 inches on either side using extensions, and there are other extension packs that can be purchased that will extend it even further. It’s JPMA-certified, designed to American Society for Testing Material standards, and generally attractive. It can be used for both pets and children.

It doesn’t get the highest marks because it can be flimsy and fall apart over time, if subjected to significant use.


  • Extra tall gate to keep children and pets in.
  • Double-action, locking lever for even better security.


  • Can be a little on the flimsy side.
  • Doesn’t work well if extended too far.

5. Munchkin Easy Close XL Metal Baby Gate

extra tall baby gates

A little more expensive than other options, the Munchkin Easy Close XL Metal Baby Gate is attractive and durable. Standing at 36″ tall, it isn’t the tallest option on this list, but it is one of the most durable. It has a lever on one side to be easily opened and closed, and it comes in both bronze and black. Most other baby gates are only available in white, which makes this a great option for someone who wants something a little more stylish. This gate can fit multiple sizes using extensions and starts at 21.5″.

There’s both a pressure-mounted and hardware-mounted option for this baby gate, and hardware-mounted can be safer as long as you have the permission to install hardware on your walls. The push-to-close feature means that you can close the gate easily even if you’re carrying your child. The gate can also stay open automatically if you want it to. 

This gate is very easy to put together, even if you’re choosing the hardware-mounted option, and will last a long time to come because it’s made out of metal rather than plastic.


  • Durable metal design.
  • Attractive black and brown options. 
  • Easy push to close.
  • Sturdy hardware mounting.


  • Not as tall as some other gates, which makes it possible for children to climb it.
  • Only available in black and brown.
  • More expensive than a lot of other options.

6. Summer Extra Tall & Wide Safety Baby Gate

extra tall baby gates

With a gray metal frame and an elegant archway, the Summer Extra Tall will suit the appearance of any home. This baby and pet gate is both Extra Tall and Extra Wide, for larger spaces. It’s a 38″ tall gate and can fit openings from 29.5″ to 53″. The door itself is wide, too, which makes it easier to move through, especially when carrying a baby.

This gate has a no-drill kit and a drill kit, so you can do pressure-mounted or hardware mounting. This is again a great option, because hardware mounting tends to be far more secure. It can auto-close, which means you aren’t going to need to fumble with the gate while you’re moving through it, and that again increases safety. There’s also a built-in door stopper that protects this gate from swinging open.

There are extensions available, but it isn’t advisable to use them. The extensions can make the door feel a little flimsy, especially if using pressure-mounting rather than hardware-mounting. The extensions can also make the gate itself buckle and bow in, which isn’t going to be good!

Opening easily one-handed, the Summer Extra Tall is also a budget-conscious option, in addition to being a little more sophisticated than some of the other choices. Summer builds an attractive, high quality, and easy to install baby gate. The only downside is that if you do install the tension option, it does lose tension quite easily.


  • A baby gate with some flair, perfect for fitting into decor.
  • Easy to open, ideal for busy parents and high traffic areas.
  • Either pressure-mounted or hardware-mounted, and easy to install.


  • The tension option can start to lose tension fairly easily.
  • The extensions don’t work well.

7. Cumbor Extra Tall and Wide Baby Gate

extra tall baby gates

Cumbor’s large and wide gate isn’t as tall as some of the “extra tall” options, standing 30.5″. But if you don’t need an ultra-tall gate (perhaps just to keep a curious pet out), this is a really affordable and accessible option. Cumbor is suitable for most doors, and has a 23.6″ large gate that is easy to walk through. In terms of appearance, it’s fairly generic, and can suit most architecture styles and homes.

The Cumbor is a brilliant white gate with a one-handed opener and a durable design. It’s been designed for pets in mind, and can withstand a 210 pound dog jumping at it, so it’s perfect for households that are trying to protect both infants and dogs. It’s installed through pressure-mounting nevertheless, which is a double-edged sword: It’s easier to install, but may not hold as fiercely.

An auto-close feature means that the gate can be closed without having to use your hands, which is great if you’re going through the gate with a lot of things. This all-size gate includes extensions to grow the gate to the perfect size. For those who have unique spaces that they need a gate in, the Cumbor can help.


  • A cost-conscious gate that can be installed quickly and easily.
  • Auto closes, for better safety and ease-of-use.


  • Not as tall as some of the other options. 
  • Only offers pressure-mounting.

8. Perma Indoor/Outdoor Retractable Baby Gate

extra tall baby gates

This 41″ tall gate is a retractable gate and can be used on spaces up to 71″ wide, making it a very versatile option. Retractable baby gates are perfect for wider spaces and spaces where they need to be up only sometimes. They retract into the wall when done. Otherwise, they span the entire area and affix to the opposite wall.

This baby gate has multiple colors available, and features a slick surface that babies and pets aren’t going to be able to climb up. It’s made of a UV-resistant mesh, which makes it particularly useful if you’re trying to make sure your baby can’t get outside from your yard; it can be installed either indoors or outdoors. And it is double purpose, because it can also be used for pets.

However, retractable gates have some downsides, too. They can be more difficult to open and close, so usually they’re set up at the beginning of an event (say, a birthday party in the yard) and then taken down. Retractable cates are flimsier than other options, and as they age they might start to sag and deteriorate, which can potentially make them more dangerous.

Still, if you’re looking for something to use for some occasions but not all the time, or you need something for a very wide space, the Perma Indoor/Outdoor gate can help.


  • Affordable and easy-to-use. 
  • Covers openings of up to 71″.


  • Retractable format can make it more difficult for daily use.
  • May allow for babies climbing under it if not installed correctly.

9. Evenflo Multi-Use Tall Walkthrough Gate

extra tall baby gates

Want something tall that looks good too? Try out the Evenflo. The Evenflo multi-use gate can be used for babies and pets, and it can be either pressure-mounted or hardware-mounted depending on the format that you need. Hardware-mounting really makes this gate more durable and sturdy, while pressure-mounting means that it can be installed anywhere, including rentals.

It can fit openings ranging from 28″ to 48″, with the extension pieces that are included with the package. Coming in a deep black color, it’s perfectly suited to most decor. It also has a little more flair than some other baby gates, with some designs in the railings. It can open in both directions, which makes it easier for high traffic spaces such as hallways and entryways. Other gates only open in a single direction, which can be inconvenient.

The quiet close hinge also makes it ideal for high traffic spaces, because it isn’t going to be loud during the middle of the night. The versatility and ease of use of this gate makes it a great choice for anyone who is looking for a tall walkthrough gate.


  • Pressure-mounted or hardware-mounted. 
  • Can open in both directions, to suit varied spaces.
  • Has a quiet close hinge.


  • Only 36″ tall, which is shorter than some other gates.  
  • Can’t extend very far.

10. North States Quick Fit Wire Mesh Baby Gate

extra tall baby gates

This 29.5″ to 50″, sustainable hardwood gate, comes with a quick fit format that can be pressure mounted securely. What’s special about this gate in particular is that it has a ratchet system that assists in installing the gate quickly and easily.

With pressure-mounted gates, the real problem is that people often install them with not enough tension. The ratchet system for this gate will ensure that it’s installed the right way.

This gate is an extra-tall 32″, which isn’t as tall as some of the other options, but still taller than the regular baby gate. That can make it suitable for older children, potentially, as long as they aren’t climbing it. Because it has a wire mesh, it can be used to keep small animals out as well, such as cats and kittens that might squeeze through other gates.

This baby gate does have a wire mesh, which is potentially climbable by older children. It shouldn’t be used by older children for that reason. It’s primarily intended for infants and toddlers aged 6 months to 24 months.


  • A sustainable gate out of environmentally-friendly material. 
  • A special ratchet installation system to fix it into place.


  • Mesh that can be climbed by children.
  • Not easy to open and close.

Conclusion: Choosing the Right Baby Gate for You

There are dozens of baby gates out there, depending on the style, durability, and size you need. Always begin by measuring your space, because the only safe baby gate is a gate that fits. If you’re looking for an extra tall baby gate, assess how tall you need it to be; extra tall gates can vary from 32″ to 40″, depending on your needs. Also consider whether you want pressure-mounted or hardware-mounted gates, because that’s going to be the chief difference.

All the above gates are highly-rated by customers and extremely safe. But the only way you can ensure that a gate is safe is to make sure that you’ve installed it correctly! Follow all the directions, read reviews, and be skeptical, and you’ll be able to make sure your baby is kept safe.

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